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Call Tracking & Analytics

Conversion Tracking is both ​critical​ and ​required​ in order to properly track digital marketing campaigns. Without it, the campaign management is blind to what keywords, ad-groups, audiences, creative, ad-copy (and more) are actually working to produce quality leads! Our advanced phone tracking functionality is vital in our abilities to analyze what moves people to action.

Launchcalls​ Phone Tracking is the only fully HIPAA compliant call tracking software available to integrate with Google Ads and Facebook Advertising. We do not have the ability to see or access ​any​ protected health information, or PHI. The caller idea numbers are scrambled by the software before they enter any dashboards or databases. There are no abilities to perform reverse phone lookups in all healthcare related client accounts. With that said, none of (that) information is necessary in order to properly track a campaign. To date, we have not found (any) other company who offers HIPAA compliant tracking for Google Ads the right way. We have, however, found dozens of companies who illegally access information! Send us a message to learn more.

Only Launchbrand Clients and Clients of our Agency Partners are entitled to the following Existing Client Pricing.

Call Tracking Numbers

(Local & toll-free tracking numbers)

Call Dashboard

(Live call dashboards to see calls)

Tracking By Lead Source

(Wherever leads come from, a new number appears)

Intelligent Conversation Reader

(Conversation markers to jump to important parts of call)

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