We do more than sell domains.

We help you find and develop the right name for your specific goals. 

1. Take a good look

We invest in spe­cif­ic domains and brands when the fit the cri­te­ria of a brand that can rank well and be unique.

2. Chat with an expert

It’s help­ful to talk to an expert, not a sales per­son. We don’t have a sales team. We just chat to help answer ques­tions and help you with your brand development. 

3. Money stuff

There are (2) options. We can give you a buy it not price, which saves time and secures your domain, or you can make an offer. Real­is­tic offers only, oth­er­wise we delete.

4. Secure Transfers

Our num­ber one pri­or­i­ty, again, is cus­tomer sat­is­fac­tion. We can have the fastest and most secure trans­fer pro­to­cols in order avail­able on earth. We can’t speak for oth­er planets.

You’re in good hands, and have options.

- Purchase, Rent, Lease-to-Own, or Joint Venture

- We Use Research & Psychology To Create Memorable Brands That Stand Out

- Our US-based creative team specializes in complete brand development.

Real Humans

Humans are available here at Launchbrand. Simply navigate to the bottom right of your screen and start a chat. Oh, and if you like that chat feature we offer that as well.

Secure Transactions

All our transactions are handled through reputable domain brokers like GoDaddy and Escrow.com. These third-party partners ensure a secure, quick, hassle-free transfer every time. Also, if paid upfront we can push or transfer domains anywhere you’d like within 24 hours.

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Reveal The Secret To Success

- Under­stand These 5 Points:

1. Under­stand the “clut­ter” that exists in the world and the need to estab­lish your brand’s MDI (mem­o­rable dis­tinc­tive identity).

2. Under­stand you like­ly don’t have a sol­id MDI, as they are rare. How­ev­er, as rare as they are, they aren’t dif­fi­cult to devel­op if you set your pri­or­i­ties and work with the right team. The dif­fer­ence is every­thing in the suc­cess of a busi­ness or project.

3.) Under­stand this applies to big busi­ness and small local busi­ness­es alike. Apple, Ama­zon, and Ikea spend con­sid­er­able time dif­fer­en­ti­at­ing their prod­ucts and busi­ness. From Lin­coln to local Land­scap­ers, you have com­pe­ti­tion and you need to give con­sumers a rea­son to choose your prod­uct, busi­ness, or project.

3. Under­stand that you should­n’t put the cart before the horse and adver­tise your busi­ness or project before you have a proven MDI (mem­o­rable dis­tinc­tive identity).

4. Under­stand that dif­fer­en­ti­at­ing your brand is the most impor­tant (and most over­looked) step in development.

5. Under­stand that this all applies to both new and exist­ing brands. It’s nev­er too late to be original.

Remem­ber This Seri­ous Fact:

Every­thing (espe­cial­ly the online world) has and will always be over-sat­u­rat­ed, and that clutter/stimuli have reached all-time highs. (TV com­mer­cials, online com­mer­cials, bill­boards, search ads, social ads, spon­sored con­tent, adver­to­ri­als, and so much more.) Our emails are chock-full of offers, many ignored. The mar­ket­ing sea lev­el has risen and con­tin­ues to rise rapidly.

Admit The Prob­lem. You’re Like­ly Bor­ing:

  • Sor­ry to be blunt, but we don’t waste time.
  • Most “brands” copy their com­pe­ti­tion because it is famil­iar, and they think it’s safe. It’s not. It’s dan­ger­ous. The odds of suc­cess are low if you are one of many.
  • Most peo­ple are scared to put out ideas that oth­ers might not like, so they end up dupli­cat­ing famil­iar­i­ty. Are you scared? Rip the bandaid off and post!
  • Copy­ing is at an all-time high. You can copy an idea con­cept, maybe. What you can­not copy is brand con­sis­ten­cy, strat­e­gy, mul­ti-plat­form inte­gra­tion, and unique/consistent con­tent exten­sions. This is what a team like Launch­brand does, which makes the dif­fer­ence in suc­cess or failure.
  • How do you get out of the sea of same­ness? We take you deep­er with your think­ing and strat­e­gy devel­op­ment. We push you out­side your shell, and we make an orig­i­nal approach to your project.
  • Admit it. Fix it. Grow.
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